Since 1980, our company offers lighting with a simple and sober design for demanding customers. From the beginning, the company specialized in the manufacture of shades, while progressively developing a large collection of table lamps, wall lamps, suspensions, reading lamps and spots. Each client must be able to find his style, whether for an old or classic interior just as easily as for a contemporary space, and to find a destination as well in hotels or public places as at home. 

The deliberate choice of the artisanal approach to the making of shades made it possible to favor quality over quantity, which positioned our shades in the top of the range. Our workshops can manufacture a wide variety of shades, in multiple and varied forms. We regularly look for new and trendy colors and materials on the European market.

Luminaires meet the same requirements, an artisanal approach to guarantee a result close to perfection.

In 1992, the company moved to Uccle, in workshops specializing in the work of copper and brass. The know-how of a team of professionals mastering all the traditional techniques, combined with a contemporary, clean and timeless design, allowed the development of a unique collection often copied and never equaled.

All fixtures are made of brass. The flexibility of the brass allows all the creations and it is also the ideal support for the most beautiful finishes on metals.

We buy premium quality brass which after careful control is cut, milled and threaded. Our folding and embossing techniques guarantee sharp angles and precise curves. All welds are made by silver solder.

For surface treatments, the different elements of our luminaires are previously sanded, polished or brushed. We are particularly proud of our brushed bronze patina, an incomparable finishing, obtained by a multitude of operations and soaking in patina baths. Proud also of our brushed chrome that brings lighting fixtures of the Lighting Collection a most contemporary look. All our finishes ensure the luminaires longevity and a finish down to the smallest detail.

These techniques, our teams have acquired from the old and, through continuous training, they have adapted to our methods and production requirements.

It is by relying on their know-how, but also by completing our workshops the best tools and the most powerful machines that we continue today to create innovative lighting.

Here are the considerable strengths of the Lighting Collection, which are 100% Belgian luminaires and very appreciated by the professionals of the decoration. Every year, the company exports almost half of its production to more than 50 countries. He is present at international fairs in Paris and Frankfurt.

All private or public lighting projects may, where appropriate, be the subject of a personalized study, involving close collaboration with the customer and a broad margin for adaptation and innovation.

Our company is, and will remain, a family one. We can offer you the assurance of continuity and a long-term guarantee of follow-up of all our products.